Imagine a nation where there are lots of church buildings but if you pick one for a Sunday service, the chances of meeting a pastor that actually believes in God are slim. A nation that has a thousand-year-old history of Christianity but now less than 3% of the population are genuine disciples of Christ. A nation where the number of people roughly equal the number of churches in the US, 370,000. This is my nation, the nation of Iceland.

Agust Olafsson and family

My name is Agust Olafsson and I am a university campus missionary to Iceland and Europe. My wife’s name is Kolbrun and we have three children. My wife and I both responded to the gospel after I started watching Christian TV as a 20-year-old university student in Iceland. I had a strong encounter with God that night where I invited Jesus into my life, all by my self. Ever since that moment I have asked God to use my life in whatever way he saw fit.

Through truly a God-moment, we met Dr. Rice Broocks in Nashville in February 2016. That same year, I led the translation of Dr. Rice’s book God’s Not Dead into Icelandic and have since assisted Dr. Rice with outreach events both in Iceland and all over the world.

After living in Nashville since July 2019 to work with Dr. Broocks, we have now moved back to Iceland. I am excited to prepare our move back by sharing what God is doing in Iceland and Europe. My goal is to see Iceland become a sending out nation that will send out young people to bless the nations and advance the gospel. I will focus on campus ministry in Iceland and join forces with Every Nation evangelists in Europe in opening up new nations, raising up more evangelists and strengthening campus ministries and church plants.In Iceland, I will be doing campus ministry by:

  • Encouraging and training evangelists in Iceland to do campus ministry.
  • Engage with university students by planning large and small events. For example, planning small dinner talks around a given topic (10-20 people or so), with a short presentation, conversations, and relationship building.
  • One on one evangelism and discipleship.
  • Hosting mission teams from abroad.
  • Planning and leading mission trips to nations in Europe.

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