EN003 Transition

It is done! I have closed and stepped out of my software job. Ending well is important. And now, a new season. If you missed the newsletter where I shared about entering into full time ministry and the plan for the next few months, than click here. It truly is a time of transition, in … Read more

EN002 End of one, beginning of another.

2023 has been a good year for our family. Kolbrun is on her final stretch of master of music teaching. She will graduate next spring by the grace of God. Margret has finished 5 of 8 semesters at Lipscomb University in Nashville. Her goal is to double major in both social work and philosophy. John … Read more

EN001 Full time goal

In the November newsletter I promised I would share on big decisions in the next newsletter towards increasing the amount of ministry we do in Iceland. In the last two years, your support has enabled me to build and encourage evangelists in Europe and share the gospel and build disciples in Iceland. Last October I … Read more