The Iceland Alive financial partnership team make it possible for me to reach Iceland and Europe with the gospel. These are people that are believing with me for the calling that God has on my life and are willing to put that faith into action by supporting the ministry.

All gifts received end up with Every Nation Iceland that has its own board. The recommended way for USA residents is to give through my Every Nation online giving portal, more on that below.

Depending on your country of residence, expand the headings below by clicking on them.


Bitcoin works regardless of residence and is helping restore Biblical principles to money. Click here to give using Bitcoin (Lightning or on chain).

For US residents

To help me reach Iceland and Europe by online giving, click here.

To give by check:

1) Make your check payable to Every Nation.
2) Write my name, Agust Olafsson, on the memo line.
3) Please include your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address if it differs from the return address on your envelope.
4) Mail the gift to P.O. Box 1787 Brentwood, TN 37024.

For Iceland residents

Flag of Iceland

Wire transfers to Every Nation Iceland works best if you are in the Icelandic banking system.

  • Kennitala 590209-1980
  • 0175-05-070034

We can also arrange to have what is in icelandic called Valfrjáls krafa show up in your online bank once a month – just contact me about that.

For United Kingdom residents

Every Nation Iceland partners with Every Nation London.

Click here for the UK Online giving site and choose “Specific giving – please specify via email” – at the first dropdown. Every Nation London will email you once the gift has been processed, simply reply to the email with “Every Nation Iceland.”

Please contact me if you run into any problems.

For everyone else

Try using the USA Every Nation online giving by clicking here.

Otherwise, please contact me to discuss the best ways for you to partner with me.

Contact info
If you need to reach me, message me here, or call +354 860 1896 (Iceland)

Thank you for visiting and have a great rest of the day.

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