I envision Iceland as a source of goodness for the nations, empowering college students to embrace the transformative message of Jesus, nurturing their faith, and equipping them to impact the world as passionate disciples.

By changing the college campus, we change the world.

My name is Agust Olafsson and I serve as an Every Nation missionary to Iceland.

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This was several years ago. I had decided to spend 2 hours walking in our small town and ask God
I was not expecting 2020 to be what it has been. Who did? It really has been a season of

Why the campus?

There are 14,000 college students in Reykjavik, Iceland. Less than 1% of them have an opportunity to hear the gospel. These are the leaders of future Iceland. The ideas and beliefs dominating the college campus now is what marks the future. Impact now, filled with love and respect, changes the future for good.

Mental health of college students in Iceland is in decline. Over one third has mild to severe depression. There is an opportunity now to bring hope in Jesus.

How to partner with me

  1. Schedule a meeting: You schedule a short meeting at a time that works best for you, just click this link.
  2. Meet for 30 min: Meetings are 30-minutes (face-to-face, video, or phone). You get a clear picture of the mission and how you can help reach students with the gospel.
  3. Start partnership: Join our partnership team and start changing students lives with the gospel.

What others are saying

Pastor Aron Hinriksson, Director of the Pentecostal Church of Iceland
Ágúst has a huge heart for sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus with the world. Actions follow his heart´s desire and Ágúst is incredibly diligent and focused in his efforts to reach people in creative ways.
Pastor Sharon Franta, Bridgewood Community Church Minnesota.
I’ve known Ágúst for over 15 years and have seen first hand his heart for Iceland and the larger body of Christ. He is a leader of leaders who sees the larger picture of what could be – and knows how to work faithfully to get there. As a man who walks in integrity and humility it is a joy to recommend and support what God has placed on his heart.
Dr. Rice Broocks, Author, God’s not dead.
I met Ágúst Ólafsson in 2016 through a divine appointment. He is a faithful servant of the gospel and his resilience and passion for ministry in a nation that is in much need of the gospel is exemplary. Ágúst is an evangelist, encourager and a man of faith that I have been blessed to work with.
Dr. Mike Brownnutt, Course director at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion
Ágúst is a man that makes things happen. He follows where God calls him and pursues whatever is needed to build God’s Kingdom there. In leading, serving, engaging, and helping he is both dedicated and gracious. I have seen him work across cultures, bringing together Europeans, Americans, and Asians to put together international events that reached people with the gospel, wherever they were at.
Pastor Fred Thoni, Healing Ministry Director at North Heights Lutheran Church
In this time and season the Lord has raised Ágúst Ólafsson up to be a powerful voice of truth and grace. His insight and gifts are rare. He speaks with compassion and depth, fearlessly proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Frans Olivier, European Director of Evangelism for Every Nation
I had the privilege of working closely with Ágúst for four years, identifying and equipping church based evangelists across Europe. He has a big heart for his nation, for reaching young people with the gospel and above all a passion for Jesus.
Pastor Chris Parker, New Life Church, Teesside
There is humble authority when Ágúst speaks on evangelism and apologetics. Complicated topics become approachable, apologetics for everyone.
Stephen Busic, Secular Activist for Human & Animal Rights, Tennessee
I first met my friend Ágúst Ólafsson in 2021 on an academic trip to Iceland. Moments into conversation, it became clear we shared a love for philosophy. Read more….

Teaching topics

My friends say I’m good at making complicated topics understandable. Evangelism and apologetics are my favorite topics. Encouraging others in evangelism is something I thoroughly enjoy.

I came to faith through thinking logically about the world we live in and the possibility of God’s existence. Click here for a short 6 min version of my story.

Other teaching topics:

  • Marriage
  • Courage
  • Basis of morality or how we discern right and wrong
  • Faith
  • How to study the Bible
  • What the Bible says about economics and money
  • Sabbath and rest
  • The ten commandments
  • How to ask questions

For more content, check out the Iceland Alive YouTube channel by clicking here.

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