EN005 Gratefulness

Iceland Alive Audio Newsletter
Iceland Alive Audio Newsletter
EN005 Gratefulness

Iceland Alive Newsletter, April 2024

My mom passed away March 18th. The funeral was yesterday, April 10th, from the Lutheran Church here in Selfoss. Grief is not a single emotion but a collection of emotions, a wise friend of mine said in a presentation recently. Gratefulness is the main emotion I’m feeling these days.

  • I’m grateful for so many things that my mom gave me.
  • I’m grateful for how my family stood together during my mom’s illness.
  • I’m grateful for God’s presence and encouragement in my life. God has met me at key moments in the last few weeks.
  • I’m grateful for how well the funeral went yesterday. Everyone involved in the preparation did well. Mom had asked me to share a few words. It was difficult, I didn’t know how I would respond internally, but it went well.
  • I’m grateful for how nice the weather was yesterday. It was a good moment yesterday to help carry the coffin into the cemetery and then lay it down for my mom’s final rest.

But this is not the only thing I’m grateful for today. I’m also grateful for how well it is going to build the partnership network.

Over 55% of the monthly support is now in. Many of the people I talk to are grateful for the courage and initiative of this project.

There is much work ahead to finish building the partnership network, but it is going well. The wisdom of starting with focus on building the partnership network, before starting the actual ministry, shows, as the weeks pass. Actually, building the partnership network is an important ministry in and of it self. I know, for example, that what God is doing and building in me now is something he wants to use in the next season. May all of this be for His glory!

Prayer requests

  • John is now in Serbia as part of the DTS program with YWAM in Norway. He returns to Iceland by the end of this month and is looking for a job; please pray with me for that.
  • Kolbrun will finish her final project at Iceland University of the Arts this month. Prayer appreciated!
  • Next Sunday, April 14th, I will preach and share about the ministry at Keflavik Pentecostal church, close to the main international airport in Iceland.
  • There are plans that I will share about the ministry at Lindin Christian radio. Before I do that, I need to update the Icelandic www.everynation.is website. I need discernment and wisdom for that.

Praise report

  • My friend Andrés and I went on a wonderful trip around Iceland on March 21–24. We met people in Höfn, Egilsstaðir, Akureyri and at the farm Keta in Skagafjörður. Many joined the partnership network, a very good trip. Click here for pictures.

Much grace, Agust

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