EN001 Full time goal

Iceland Alive Audio Newsletter
Iceland Alive Audio Newsletter
EN001 Full time goal

In the November newsletter I promised I would share on big decisions in the next newsletter towards increasing the amount of ministry we do in Iceland.

In the last two years, your support has enabled me to build and encourage evangelists in Europe and share the gospel and build disciples in Iceland.

Last October I took the step of faith to resign from my software job as a step to move into full time ministry by the grace of God. My last day will be at the end of January 2024.

The current plans are to use February, March and April to build the support I need to do ministry full time. The future plans for full time ministry is to focus on these three things:

  1. Plant more House Churches, starting where we live and expanding from there.
  2. Start online evangelism focusing on the campus age. Using social media, websites, online seminars and anything that will give the young people in Iceland an opportunity to hear the gospel in and through their screens.
  3. Visit the university campuses in Reykjavik at least weekly. Have one foot on the campus and one in the community. Pray, seek and explore, pursuing the dream of starting an ongoing campus ministry where students start sharing their faith with their peers. This campus ministry could be as simple as starting a House Church on the campus.

The young people in Iceland need to have an opportunity to hear the gospel.

You can give a year end gift to help launch me into full time ministry in 2024. It will take a big push to develop the needed partnership network. Your gift now will help make that happen.

Visit https://icelandalive.com/partnership/ to support evangelism in Iceland.

I would love to hear from you. Contact me here: https://icelandalive.com/contact/

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