EN003 Transition

Iceland Alive Audio Newsletter
Iceland Alive Audio Newsletter
EN003 Transition

It is done! I have closed and stepped out of my software job. Ending well is important. And now, a new season. If you missed the newsletter where I shared about entering into full time ministry and the plan for the next few months, than click here.

It truly is a time of transition, in more ways than planned.
My mom is now on her forth day at the hospital. She has advanced Parkinson’s disease, 78 years old. We have reached a point where the family is taking turns sitting beside her. I was there from 3am this morning and will again tomorrow morning. Margret is currently flying from Nashville to say goodbye to her grandma, they are close.

My prayer now is that the whole family will walk this out well, working together. So far so good on that. My mom might still come through, but based on how little she is eating, I don’t think she has long to live.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (Proverbs 16:9)
I mentioned the plans above. This scripture is often in my mind these months. First and foremost I’m focusing on putting God first in everything and giving him the prime of my energy and focus. Second, I’m allowing myself time to process this transition taking place.

I have confidence in the Lord. Yesterday, the very first day off from the software work I had two unexpected events I see as gifts and confirmation from the Lord. One was a financial support from a former coworker at the software work and the other a call from the leading pastor of the Pentecostal Church in Akureyri (north Iceland). I will be going there weekend March 23-24 to preach and build partnership.

I am very excited about what is coming up. I know the Lord will use what He has and is building in me to bring glory and honor to him.

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